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Automated Engineering Services Corp.
(AES) is an employee owned professional design engineering firm that has been providing engineering services to the nuclear utility market place since 1990. We provide full engineering design, analysis, licensing/regulatory compliance, and plant engineering support services primarily to the nuclear power industry. Our experienced staff of almost 100 professional engineers covering multiple disciplines is committed to providing responsive and cost effective solutions to today’s complex engineering problems.
Modification Engineering
AES has extensive experience in providing support to plant modifications involving all engineering disciplines. The modification services include preliminary feasibility studies, conceptual design studies, and final Design Change Packages (DCPs) including 10 CFR 50.59 screening/safety evaluations for both the BWR and PWR nuclear plant designs. We have supported major plant engineering modifications such as Reactor Vessel Head replacement, Steam Generator replacements, and BWR/PWR suction strainer replacements, security mods, equipment obsolescence (e.g. breakers, etc.) as well as a variety of other modifications.
Specialty Services
AES has specialized experience and capabilities in several unique specialty services areas. These include areas such as security mods addressing the latest NRC regulations, electrical and control system component upgrades, electrical systems analysis (ETAP), permanent lead shielding/permanent work platforms for dose reduction, BWR containment analysis, HELB analysis, finite element analysis, equipment design, pressure vessel design, hydraulic flow analysis and laser scanning support services.
AES is supporting several nuclear clients in various dose reduction efforts including design and installation of permanent shielding and permanent work platforms.
AES is supporting several plants in the area of security upgrades in support of 10 CFR 73.55. This includes security buildings, perimeter surveillance systems, blast analysis, etc.
AES is the industry leader in BWR containment analysis issues, including specialized expertise in the area of hydrodynamic load development, Mark I piping analysis, and SRV transient analysis.
Automated Engineering's mission is to provide our nuclear utility customers with “world-class” technical services that emphasize nuclear safety, regulatory compliance and cost effectiveness. Our mission will enhance and complement our client’s ability to achieve its goals of safety, performance, and overall cost control.